Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

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Mean Time to Repair

The MTTR is defined as the mean time to repair. It is an essential parameter for system reliability studies of repairable systems.

Maintainability Prediction Software

Prediction of the number of hours that a system or component will be unavailable whilst undergoing maintenance is of vital importance in reliability and availability studies. Using a maintenance prediction procedure, such as those outlined in MIL-HDBK-472, allows the identification of areas of poor maintainability leading to reduced system availability. Changes in maintenance procedures may then recommended allowing an in increase is system availability.

Reliability Workbench

In addition to performing failure rate prediction, the Prediction Module of Reliability Workbench now allows you to perform maintainability prediction calculations. This facility enables users to define a library of maintenance tasks and then assign these tasks to blocks in the hierarchy diagram.

The MTTR parameter is important in evaluating the availability of repairable blocks. The Prediction Module provides facilities to perform availability and failure rate calculations at block level taking into account redundancy.

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